Besides 3D measurements, vanderKampen is specialized in reverse engineering. From a physical object, a completely new design package is made. This is accomplished whilst analyzing wear, tear and production deviations, but also with insight on techniques and materials. 

Where others use scan software to generate 3D models, we switch to 3D CAD systems Ansys Spaceclaim or Siemens NX in an early stage. Because of this, we are able to deliver a full high quality 3D CAD model, if needed accompanied with 2D drawings. 

Global workflow reverse engineering

Based on delivered data, for example in the shape of physical parts, photo's or technical information, we give you an offer. The planning and delivery is fitted to your wishes and specification as good as possible. 

After receiving permission, we analyse all available data and make 3D scans of the physical parts to use as the base of the concept 3D model. This concept model is compared in Polyworks with the 3D scans which were made in the beginning. 

After consultation with the client, we arrive to the next step, which is the design of the definitive design package based on the concept model. This consists of 3D models and 2D drawings. Normally, our designs are delivered in a neutral format such as STEP for 3D models and PDF for 2D drawings. We can also deliver designs in the original format (Ansys Spaceclaim / Siemens NX). 

After completing the project, you as a customer, are the owner of all data, including the original scan data. This will be archived by us, so you can request it at all time. 

Other engineering services

We are a engineering design bureau, other design projects or (temporary) extra capacity are also part of our services.

Besides that, we can deliver statical strength analysis for you. We use Simclaim, an add-on for Ansys Spaceclaim for this.