Open Technologies

Open Technologies is research oriented, has a long term vision and entrepeneurship. These are the pillars where Open Technologies is built on. Open Technologies is a Italian developer and manufacturer of professional optical 3D white light scanners. 

vanderKampen is authorized distributor of Open Technologies 3D scanners for the Benelux and the North Rhine Westfalia area.  


AESC is distributor of Ansys Spaceclaim in the Benelux area. Ansys Spaceclaim is the worlds fastest Direct Modeling software with excellent functionalities for Reverse Engineering. That is the reason we use Ansys Spaceclaim during our daily activities. Through our knowledge in 3D scanning and reverse engineering and the knowledge of AESC of Direct Modeling, a powerful formula is created. Where AESC advices vanderKampen to her clients as 3D scanning and reverse engineering specialist, vanderKampen advices AESC as CAD/modeling specialist. 

Through the pure Direct Modeling technology of Ansys Spaceclaim, it is possible to convect 3D scan data to a fully customizable solid model with ease. Besides that it is a complete CAD system which can replace expensive and complex software. With the low entry cost and powerful tools, it is an investment which pays of quickly. 

AESC delivers software, organizes courses, gives support and is a consultancy. For more information visit


Partner of the Eindhoven based Lay3rs, a modern company with it's own 3D printing experience store. We work together by offering our professional scanning services to partners and customers of Lay3rs. This boosts our network within the Eindhoven region. 


vanderKampen solid modeling is a partner of Objexlab with the knowledge exchange with education as the main goal. This enables the opportunity to boost the knowledge in the region. Together with other important partners a unique collaboration is started between the industry and education. We support education by giving seminars to students of Fontys University of Applied Sciences in Eindhoven.