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The 3D scanners of Open Technologies are very advanced: the only in it's kind that don't require constant changes in optical settings or recalibration. The accompanied software package that controls it all is very intuitive, easy to learn and gives the user not only a large amount of control over the scan process, but also offers a large set of tools and functions for reverse engineering purposes. 

The complete set is very light and can be easily transported, all while a perfect result is guaranteed. If an object is hard to move, the choice to move the 3D scanner to the object is easily made. 

During the measurement, the object maintains physically untouched and unaltered, which speeds up the process. The captured 3D polygonal model is available for CNC alterations, 3D printing or import into the CAD system within a short timeframe.   

Cronos 3D

The Cronos 3D is a professional and high quality 3D scanner, which enables to capture every detail of small or larger  parts.

This pre-configured 3D scanner features:

  • Fast and detailed scans
  • Monochrome or full-color
  • Intuitive, partially automated software
  • Extendable with a automated turntable


  • The entire object can be captured in a short timeframe, simply by turning the object or the scanner.
  • Automated alignment of every single captured scan
  • After the scanning proces, intuitive software leads to a polygonal model in no time. 


0,030 - 0,060 mm (single shot)

Cronos 3D Dual


The Insight3 is a "real time" scanner, which generates fast and accurately detailed scans. This 3D scanner is light, easy to transport and simple in use. 

The Insight3 features:

  • Fast and detailed full-color scans
  • Compact design
  • Intuitive and partially automated software


  • The scanning process is comparable with a normal videocamera
  • The user holds the scanner and moves it alongside the object while keeping the focus on the object itself. 
  • Real time scanning

Accuracy: 0,25 - 0,50 mm 


The Aurum 3D is a professional and high quality 3D scanner, aimed at capturing the smallest details on complex shapes. Developed as a scanning system for placement on a desk, complete with an automatic turntable, the Aurum 3D is perfect for automatically capturing small complex objects.


  • Jewelry
  • Fashion accessories 
  • Medals and coins
  • Precision mechanisms

Aurum LT

The standard solution for scanning small detailed objects, a completely automated system. 

Accuracy: 0,025 mm

Aurum 3D 

Accuracy: 0,015 - 0,030 mm